Tung Kee Foods’ Story

Tung Kee Food pastes were initially innovated by Tung’s families in year 1999 and produced in family-style method and only sold to local market. With the mission of bringing out the best Malaysian food taste, Tung’s and his family decided to shift the production into machine intensive system. The purpose is to increase the production capacity in order to serve higher market’s demand.

Tung Kee Food Enterprise is an entrepreneurial, innovation-led cooking pastes/ sauces manufacturer located in Penang Malaysia, established since year 2014. They are a customer trustworthy company and recognized by local.

The company’s production procedures are strictly complied with International Food Safety System requirements and the products are certified by Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia. In order to provide customers with high quality and best values products, the company uses non-artificial colors & preservatives raw materials to produce their products.

The company constantly strive to create future products that will stimulate the customer’s sense to bring more joy, healthy and excitement each time the pastes are being used.